Street trading is no longer new in countries like Nigeria, as school children and adult from the ages of 14 years and above hawk various items in traffic such as drinks water gala book vcd etc.
In an interview with some of the street traders they all blame the state government for not providing an affordable place for them to trade as the places provided are too expensive for them.
Okolie Juliet who hawk pawpaw in a garage said that she only pay 200 to the touts in the garage and they allow her to hawk from morning till evening, in which at the end of the day the least gain she realize will not be less than 1200 daily.
Biodun akinpelu who hawk water and drink in the traffic lamented that due to the fact that he could not get a job with his ond certificate he had no other choice than to hawk in the traffic as the money he realizes put food on his table and also cater for his two sisters.Image
Iyabo dada who is a single mother of 2 kids hawk food in Orile Agege area of Lagos state. She explained that it is not easy to carry food on her head and move from one location to the other, but she has no choice as she had to feed her two children whom their father left the house without returning and not knowing his whereabouts whether dead or alive. She further said that after the disappearance of her husband she has been the one to cater for herself and the children in which the house rent, school fees, feeding, clothing etc are all on her neck.
Speaking with Mrs. Ibironke akinpelu a shop owner at progress plaza Iju Agege, she said that street trading is dangerous as the lives of those hawking on the street are in danger.
She recall an incident that happen few months back at Lagos Abeokuta express way where by a young boy of about 12years old was hawking pure water, in process of the boy selling pure water to someone in an ongoing vehicle a car coming opposite side knock the boy down and died on spot. She further said that people should not take the country’s economy problem as an excuse to hawk on the roadside or send their children or ward to do so, as no one will want to lose his or her family member no matter the level of poverty.
She advised that people should always look for a place to sell no matter how small the place may be even if there take home does not meet their expectation, because when there is life there is hope



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